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"Sandra literally opened my eyes on how I was consuming salt on a daily basis without really thinking about it and how bad it was for my health. I knew of people who were on on a non-salt diet but I never really thought it was for me and I should be careful.

Thanks to Sandra, I understood the importance of not consuming too much salt for my health now and for my future. I started reading more carefully the labels on the food I was buying, to eat less tortillas (and prefer corn to flour for a smaller concentration of sodium)... Overall, I started to just pay attention to the quantity of salt I was eating.

I am very grateful to Sandra for her generosity and her kindness sharing with me expertise and would highly recommend her as a professional." Pascale Bauer (San Diego)

"Your book has made a huge difference in our lives.We lost weight and I no longer have to take blood pressure medication."
Jane (Colorado)

"Thank you for your excellent book! I received it today, and have read it thoroughly! It seems like such an easy system to use. I started going "low-sodium" to support my husband, who has diabetes and high blood pressure.  We have been consciously reducing our salt in everything we eat, both at home and in restaurants for the past three weeks. We definitely notice the difference in our rings and shoes.Thanks so much for your work on this subject! It is so overlooked ( more focus on fats and sugars), but I feel it is the key to improved health!" Kathleen (Massachussetts)

"This is great! I have needed some good reference about salt even though I try to watch how much I consume. I am going to give this to my Mother and especially my Father (who has heart problems) just to reinforce what I have been telling them for a long time. Thanks very much."
Barbara M. (Austin, Texas)

"Sandra Parkington's tiny book, How to Keep Track of Your Salt Intake, is a power-packed simple read, superbly formatted both to assist those in need of a low-sodium diet and to inform and instruct the general public on monitoring their salt intake as part of their healthy life style choice. This reference book is a jewel!"
Terri Cohee

"Mrs. Parkington's book, How to Keep Track of Your Salt Intake, is an excellent book that is fun, easy to understand and makes reducing your dietary sodium a cinch! After reading it, I am considerably more aware of hidden sodium, how to reduce it, and how reduced sodium can prevent health complications. Her website is also a wonderful resource!"
Michelle L., MPH (San Diego, CA)

"I highly recommend Sandra's booklet and program, Saltrax. With a 90% chance of high blood pressure 55 yrs and older, keeping salt at a healthy dose really matters!"
Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD




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